Humans of BV: Sarah Walsh

Kaitlin Green, Publication Editor

After months of preparation and practice, senior Sarah Walsh was rewarded with a score of 36 on the ACT. The perfect score is the result of months of hard work and dedication.

“I studied a lot for standardized tests in general through Khan Academy,” Walsh said. “So, I had a bit of confidence going into the ACT.”

Due to a busy first semester, Walsh has not yet had the opportunity to display her 36 jersey. It does, however, still bring her joy.

“[The jersey is] sitting on a chair in my bedroom,” she said. “I had my friends over for a sleepover, and my friend actually put it on — she was like, ‘I’ve been wanting to try this on.’”

Though testing can be stressful and discouraging, Walsh reminds students that improvement is a gradual and individualized process.

“Don’t get discouraged, especially with math,” Walsh said. “If you struggle, take the class because it helps with strategies — practice makes progress.”