Humans of BV: Kate Kozlowski

Isabella Vaz, Staff Writer

Inspired by her drive to learn more about the business world, sophomore Kate Kozlowski enrolled in the school store class. 

“[School store] is a really good business experience,” Kozlowski said. “We learn about human experiences and real-world jobs.”

As a student in the course, there are various roles to do within the store to keep it running smoothly.

“Right now I’m an apparel,” Kozlowski said. “So what we’re doing is ordering apparel for next year and deciding and re-organizing the shop.”

She highly encourages joining the class for anyone interested.

“There are so many benefits,” Kozlowski said. “It is a tech credit so you should really take it. We’re always looking for new people. It’s just a great experience to meet new people and learn about the business world.”