Five Friends at Freddy’s

BV students work together at fast food restaurant

Isabella Vaz, Staff Writer

The dread of going to work is not so noticeable for sophomore Rhyan Mock who looks forward to her job at Freddy’s, working alongside her four close friends.

“I work with Claire Younger, Lillian Milgram, Kayla Andrews and Melanie [Schwartz],” Mock said. “We’re all friends and we all applied around the same time, so we are all training together right now.”

Although she is a first-time employee, Mock has felt the positive impact of having friends to work with.

“It’s my first job — I don’t really know what it’s like [working] without friends,” Mock said. “But it’s definitely more fun to go to [work] because of them.”

Along with the opportunity to join a job with friends, the overall uplifting atmosphere of the Freddy’s staff was the deciding factor when Mock applied. 

“I heard that it was a really friendly environment [to work in],” Mock said. “Also, I had to pick up some money because I have to pay my parents back for my car.”

Mock has adjusted to and learned from both the positive and negative aspects from her time on the job. 

“So far, it’s stressful but at the same time, it’s just kind of fun,” Mock said. “And it gives me money too, so it’s not ever bad.”

Throughout her time at Freddy’s she has discovered her preferred tasks.

“My favorite part is that I’m on cold line because I’m 15 so I can’t actually do the cooking, but it’s making shakes and memorizing all of the ice cream specials,” Mock said. “There are shakes, custards and sundaes, and I really like doing all of the custard stuff. I like talking to customers too because it helps me be more social.”

The unique experience of working alongside friends has allowed them to become closer and learn more about one another. 

“We have so many side conversations during work,” Mock said. “Some of my friends procrastinate on stuff and then they get behind in the middle of it — so it’s fun to help each other out.”