Hot Wheels

BV students share what it’s like to own a top-rated vehicle

Chanie Rankin, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Evan Myers

While the students here at Blue Valley may not be riding around the Upper East Side, these rides aren’t cheap. From Teslas range Rovers, BV has got it all. Junior Evan Myers and sophomore Kenzie Campbell know what it’s like to ride in one of these luxury vehicles first hand.

Myers owns a Blue Model 3 Tesla that he got for his 16th birthday last September.

“I didn’t tell them I wanted a Tesla — we just have Teslas throughout the family,” he said. “They just surprised me with it.”

This vehicle isn’t a regular car; it has all kinds of special features and nifty tricks that make it worth the price tag.

“I can accelerate pretty fast, so I don’t really lose any races with my friends,” Myers said. “I like going fast, and it’s good for that.”

Other cool features include a glass roof, a front trunk, self-driving mode and keyless entry.

Campbell’s Range Rover also comes with its own set of cool features including heated seats, touch screen and a heated steering wheel.

“It’s really good on snow and ice,” Campbell said.

Although it isn’t the car Campbell initially wanted, she couldn’t be happier with her Range Rover.

Photo courtesy of Kenzie Cambell

“I got it last January — I wanted a Jeep, but my dad found it for a really good price so we just went ahead and got it,” she said. “It’s really cool though.”

Although Campbell loves her car, it does grab some attention from her peers.

“[The car] is really cool but I do get made fun of a lot for it because it’s nice,” Campbell said. “To my friends’ family, I’m known as ‘the girl with the Range’ and it’s really embarrassing.”

Myers has also got some extra recognition for owning such a prestigious vehicle.

“You do get a lot of people saying things like, ‘Oh, can I ride in your car?’[or] ‘Can I test drive it?’” Myers said. “So after a while, it gets kind of annoying when a lot of people say stuff like that, but I’m used to it now.”

Despite the fact that owning these luxury vehicles at such a young age can cause some controversy, both Myers and Campbell vocalized they are very thankful to have the cars they have been given.

“Even though I get made fun of for it, it’s a really cool car,” Campbell said. “I like having it.”