Staying Together

Friends continue friendship beyond high school

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

Staying in touch after graduation is a challenge for any relationship. People move, become focused on their studies, and eventually make new friends. However, seniors Landon Menees and Ethan Loftin plan to take on this nerve-wracking transition together.

“[Ethan] visited KU and thought he wanted to go there,” Menees said. “Then he went to K-State and immediately texted me and was like, ‘I’m going to go to K-State.’”

For their freshman year, they are planning on living together in a dorm. Following their first year, Menees and Loftin are open to living arrangements outside of a dorm.

“I wouldn’t live in a frat house, but I might join a business fraternity where you don’t have to live in a house,” Menees said. “If we live together after the first year, we’d probably live in an apartment.”

Between them both being business majors and attending the same school, Loftin said “it worked out perfectly.” Rooming with a friend is known to rarely workout and can lead to various challenges, but they believe it’ll go smoothly. 

“I’ve gone on an extended trip with [Landon,] and he put up with me,” Loftin said. ”I’m pretty cranky in the morning, and he’s the only friend that hasn’t been like that, too, so hopefully it will be fun.”

To avoid any morning discourse, Menees said he “just won’t talk to him in the morning.” They both have their pet peeves when it comes to a roommate, and it comes down to one thing — cleanliness.

“I’m kind of a neat freak, and he leaves water bottles everywhere,” Loftin said. “I need everything to be in its correct spot for my space. You’ve got to keep your area organized. If it’s not organized then I can’t. It’s over.”

Menees shares the same opinion regarding organization.

“[I hate] being messy,” Menees said. “If you can’t keep your stuff in your area, like if your clothes are all over the ground, that bothers me.”

Despite the curse that friends who room together eventually go their separate ways, Loftin and Menees believe they’ll overcome this preconception due to their laidback personalities. 

“He’s pretty easy-going and easy to get along with,” Loftin said. “I think it’ll be fine.”