Humans of BV: Noah Johnson

Elle Moulder, Staff Writer

Commonly known as “Mr. President” or “NoJo,” sophomore Noah Johnson has a secret talent that not everyone may know about. 

“I started taking piano in kindergarten,” said Johnson. “I aggressively hated it, but I am very thankful for the knowledge that I have now because of it.”

After quitting piano two years ago, music has become quite the hobby for Johnson. 

“I’ve started to branch out into different pathways such as guitar, singing, and producing,” Johnson said. “I mostly make pop and indie, but it’s really whatever comes to me.”

Johnson has taken his abilities outside of his bedroom and into his church. 

“I lead worship at church in the student ministries [and] in the kid ministries,” Johnson said.

As of now, Johnson does not have a definite plan, but he is open to whatever the future holds.

“I am thinking about pursuing a college degree in music production,” he said. “If the opportunity comes, I’d love to pursue music.”