Humans of BV: Rose Dersch

Chanie Rankin, Staff Writer

As a freshman, joining new clubs can be daunting at first, but being bold can create an abundance of new opportunities. Freshman Rose Dersch learned this firsthand by joining the Business Club this year. 

“I became interested in BPA and DECA through seeing a lot of advertisements for it in my entrepreneurship class. [My friends] talked about it a lot,” she said.

After joining the Business Club, Dersch found a lot of success at competitions, despite being new to the club. 

“After I competed in Districts, I did this Elevator Pitch competition. ​​It was a competition from K-State that runs all around the state of Kansas. Anyone can compete,” Dersch said. “You submitted a one-minute video just talking about yourself and your accomplishments and you added graphics.”

Even though Dersch had very little business experience before competing in this competition, she came home with 1st place in her division and won $250 and a K-State T-shirt. 

“It was fun and new,” Dersch said. “I really enjoyed it.”