Humans of BV: Amber Briere

Brynn Friesen, Web Editor

With the school year entering its second semester, many juniors are looking into colleges or career paths for their journeys after high school.

Junior Amber Briere isn’t taking the typical direction — she’s going into the military.

“I’m going to apply for the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy,” Briere said.

Briere has always envisioned herself going into this field.

“My dream has always been to help people,” Briere said. “I feel like my calling has been to join the military and hopefully take that route into the FBI of some sort.”

Her desire to join the FBI after the military is defined by personal experience.

“My aunt was in the FBI. She’s a trainer and my uncle works in the police academy and those were my two options at the beginning,” Briere said. “When my aunt passed away, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”