Humans of BV: Alec Wombolt

Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Winter can feel slow, so to keep busy junior Alec Wombolt joined a rec basketball team.

“I play on a rec team called Flight United with a group of my friends,” Wombolt said.

Wombolt’s team is made up of other BV juniors who are not on the actual school basketball team.

“You can get a group of people together to join a basketball team,” Wombolt said. “Then you verse the seniors and the juniors from all the different Blue Valley schools.”

Even though the league is just for fun Wombolt still likes to take it seriously.

“I think it’s really fun,” Wombolt said. “It’s super funny, and we all dress up and stuff like that.”

Wombolt hopes to beat other teams and go undefeated.

“No one could beat us,” Wombolt said. “We won by 25 last week, and we’re the best team in the league.”