Humans of BV: Valencia Peña

From the classroom to the farm, CAPS’ Veterinary Medicine course exposes students to a variety of animal health careers through mentorships, site visits, and interactive learning. Senior Valencia Peña has experienced those opportunities throughout her semester at CAPS.

“It’s very hands-on and you do a lot of fun kinds of projects. You get to go and visit places and shadow at pet hospitals,” Peña said. “​​We also go to Swickard’s Farm and take care of the animals. I’ve fed the pigs, dewormed horses, and wrapped a donkey’s leg.” 

According to Peña, the CAPS course structure is better than a normal high school class due to the project-based approach and provides a welcome change.

“[This CAPS course is better] because you don’t do regular things and you don’t sit in the classroom all day,” Peña said. “You get to meet new people and go to events — you’re [more free] than in high school.”

Before enrolling in the program, Peña wasn’t certain about pursuing a future in veterinary medicine, but the class has aided in her decision.

“I love CAPS’ Vet Med because it was an eye-opener to other courses and routes available,” Peña said. “I think other people should consider taking Vet Med because the teacher is wonderful and it was a fun experience.”