Another State Championship

Sophomore discussed DECA and BPA achievements


Andrew Sharber, Staff Writer

In February, Blue Valley students involved in DECA and BPA had the accomplishment of being state champions two times in a row. For sophomore Eddy Jiang, the event was an achievement not only because of his involvement with the activity but also his love of the event. 

“I got involved in BPA my freshman year last year when we were virtual,” Jiang said. “I just heard about it through friends and my business teacher, Mrs. Peres.”

While most don’t know exactly what business-related classes and activities might consist of, both organizations are more widespread than just BV.

”DECA is a lot bigger nationally,” Jiang said. “There are around 20,000 members in DECA and just around 8,000 people involved in BPA nationwide.” 

With a state championship being big for many athletes and students no matter what the activity, there is always preparation in any event that you might go to compete in. In BPA, there is different preparedness based upon what you might choose to compete in. 

“The difference is the medium of production and the level of preparation,” Jiang said. “For some, you need to present to a judge and for others you just go in and get a prompt.” 

What some might not know is that you can pick what you choose to compete in for state within DECA and BPA; options include Java Programming, Digital Media Production, C# Programming, Fundamental Word Processing, or even Fundamental Accounting. But, for most being involved in an activity within the school, it’s the family and the environment that keeps its members coming back.

“My favorite part is the team. Like it’s kind of a family,” Jiang said.

Whether you’re a new student that may be interested in joining DECA and BPA or even interested in getting involved in a business class, Jiang urges students to try something new.

“There’s something for everyone,” Jiang said.