Seniors discuss round one of assassins

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

With the first round of Blue Valley’s annual game of Assassins coming to a close this Saturday, many players have scrambled to shoot their targets. Seniors Shelby Lehman and Emma Likens have had a successful game so far, and they are continuing to the next round. 

Lehman was the second assassin to get their target.

“I just kind of woke up and was like, ‘I’m going to get Palak,’” Lehman said. “I went to her house, knocked on her door and her mom just let me in. Her mom told Palak to wake up and then I just squirted her in the living room.”

Both assassins were assigned people they were close to, making the hunt much easier.

“My target was Sloane, my best friend. I was really scared and I thought she was going to be mad at me,” Likens said.  “I was coming up with a plan to get her in a nice way and then she asked me to hang out with her. It was pretty easy to set up.”

Assassins players go all out for the game, from camping outside of people’s houses to following them to work. Lehman wants to see the extent her assassin will go.

“Part of me did this just to get attention from someone that would assassinate me,” Lehman said. “I want to see how far someone will go.”

In the end, Assassins is a game meant to give seniors one last chance to have fun before graduation. Likens believes more people should join in.

“I don’t really know if I’m the number one candidate for first, but it is really fun to play. It’s very stress-inducing, but it’s fun. I don’t really care if I get out because I also just really enjoy helping my friends and getting away from people,” Likens said. “I think that the more people play the more fun it is.”