Humans of BV: Madison Urbanek

Regan Byrnes, Web Editor

Headrush, the literary and art magazine within Blue Valley, begins to receive submissions from students of all grades in order to create a magazine displaying BV’s creativity. Junior Madison Urbanek is new to Headrush this year and is thinking about submitting some of her own work to encourage people to participate in the magazine and get their creative work out there.

“I have quite a few art pieces that I’d like to submit,” Urbanek said. “I think it would be a good opportunity for me to put some things in the magazine that I haven’t before.”

Urbanek especially enjoys the positive atmosphere in Headrush and how people have been so warm and welcoming towards her. 

“It’s a community where if you have a question it’ll get answered in the nicest way possible, and everybody seems encouraging,” Urbanek said. “We all have a similar mindset of ‘let’s make something nice’.”