The Dunn Duo

BV teacher, student discuss having family members in the building

Elle Moulder, Staff Writer

Students look at school in many ways — maybe you look at it as an escape from home. Anatomy teacher Dianne Dunn and sophomore Brooklyn Dunn are mother and daughter and bring home to school with them every day. 

Most students think having their parents come to school with them is their worst nightmare, but not for Brooklyn. 

“I can put my lunch in the fridge so I don’t have to carry it around, and it stays cold the whole day,” Brooklyn said. “I feel like I have more privileges now.”

Some parents couldn’t imagine bringing their child to work with them every day. 

“I did it on purpose –– the years go by so fast,” Dunn said.

Although it is nice to have each other throughout each day, there can be a few bumps in the road. 

“She doesn’t get to leave right after school, so I have to stay with her,” Brooklyn said. “I spend way too much time with [my mom]. She will agree with that. Even though she doesn’t outwardly agree, she inwardly agrees because I can read her mind.”

Homework is inevitable when it comes to school. Most would assume that Dunn being a teacher would make sure Brooklyn has her work done and up to par. 

“[Brooklyn] would probably say I am [strict with grades] –– unless there is an issue I try and stay out of it,” Dunn said. “I only really get on her case if I see that a grade drops”

But as one would expect, Brooklyn counters this claim.

“[My mom] will send me screenshots of Canvas notifications — that’s like half of our chats,” Brooklyn said. “She’ll be like, ‘Get this in,’ and I’ll be like, ‘I did get that in.’” 

One would likely assume that the Dunns being around each other so much would either cause them to bump heads and drift apart, or it would bring them closer. Luckily for the whole family, Brooklyn and her mom get along quite nicely and both feel these circumstances have bonded them closer.

“We have more things in common, and more things to talk about,” Dunn said. 

It’s not just Dunn who feels this way. 

“We just gossip with each other,” Brooklyn said. “[I get] excited to spend more time with her. I love my mom.”

Because the pair are extremely close, they care for each other greatly and want the best for one another. 

“​​Be meaner to people — don’t be so nice,” Brooklyn said. “My mom is overly nice.”

Dunn offered advice to her daughter as well.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take some chances,” Dunn said.

Dunn loves to be around her daughter. She actually chose to teach at the same school that her daughter attends. 

“I think it’s going to be weird not having her here,” Dunn said.“When she’s sick and she doesn’t come to school, I feel like I’ve left something at home.”