Wisdom in Worship

Junior performs in church band

Rhylan Stern, Editor-in-Chief

Worship can be shown through many different ways, but for junior Zoe Longwell, her faith is produced through music and prayer with her involvement in her church’s youth band.

“I am positioned as the main student backup vocalist,” Longwell said. “I do harmonies with [the worship director], Zae, as well as leading certain songs or verses.”

Longwell’s love for music started long before she joined the worship band.

“Music is a big part of my life. I produce music on my own — I have a producer and I’ve been writing music since I was 11 or 12,” Longwell said. “I’ve also been a part of band and choir freshman year and then also was involved in a couple other things.”

Church of the Resurrection was a new and frightening experience for Longwell. 

“I was honestly scared to go to Wednesday nights at my church before I joined the band,” Longwell said. “My neighbor, Catherine Price, was in the worship band. I was at her house one night and she said I should audition because I’m into music. A couple weeks later, I auditioned and got in and then that’s kind of where I started my faith.”

Out of the years of worship singing, one memory seems to stick out to Longwell.

“In eighth grade, it was my third year leading worship, and I was put to lead ‘Reckless Love’ for the eighth grade confirmation retreat,” Longwell said. “I started singing the first verse, and the whole confirmation group was louder than I was on my mic — I thought it was really cool. It’s this huge worship moment that stands out in my mind.”

Along with unforgettable moments, Longwell has a favorite reason for why she’s involved.

“The people [are] why I’m at church,” Longwell said. “It’s just the community and the connections you find and people you meet with that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.”