Humans of BV: Lindsay Cho

Katelyn Collins, Staff Writer

Sophomore Lindsay Cho was looking for a way to fill her free time over the summer. Then she found a job at the bakery Tous Les Jours. She works at the register and for the most part her tasks are simple and easy. 

“I help [by] putting the prices for the bread, placing the bread in the cabinets for display, restocking the macarons and sometimes I make cream puffs in the back,” Cho said. “I don’t like wiping down the pavements and picking up the trash.”

There are benefits Cho enjoys that makes the job worth it to her.

“[I] get the 10% employee discount,” Cho said. “And then when I work night shifts I can take home whatever’s leftover.”

The menu is full of delicious treats, making it hard to decide what to get. Cho recommends trying one of the cakes, as it is one of her favorite treats that the bakery sells.  

“Everything’s really good but I like the cake,” Cho said. “[The icing] is made with whipped cream rather than butter so it’s softer, airy and not as sweet.”