Celestial Creativity

Release of Blue Valley’s literary and art magazine

Kaitlin Green, Publication Editor

On Wednesday April 20, boxes were carried into Blue Valley High containing copies of Headrush, the school’s literary and art magazine.

The publication is headed by teachers Maureen Davis and Michelle Huss as well as ten student members who largely produce the entirety of the magazine by themselves.

“They make all the decisions about design, how large the book will be, how many pages and what the theme will be,” Davis said. 

This year’s Headrush theme is “Celestial.” Stephania Kontopanos, one of the magazine’s copy editors, explained the purpose for this theme in her “Letter From An Editor.”

“Given the havoc wreaked on Earth for the past few years, we found that the night sky symbolizes the spirituality — from the religious to the reflective to everything in between — that kept us sane and grounded during these difficult times,” Kontopanos said. “We thought of all the stars that must have been wished on for those with COVID-19 and those in Ukraine. In the midst of destruction and chaos, there is nothing more pristine than the night sky that we admire for its beauty.”

Though Headrush is open to all students, a majority of the submissions are contributed from Davis’ Creative Writing class students.

“I put in all of the Creative Writing kids’ stuff — unless they tell me not to — and beyond that, I only had three or five [individuals submit,]” Davis said. “So, about 30 people submitted writing in total.”

Davis hopes that more students in the coming years will be bold and submit their writing or art.

“The more submissions, the more representative the magazine is of the whole student body,” Davis said. “If you don’t try — if you don’t risk it — no glory, no publication.”