Humans of BV: Keegan Murray

Harrison Jones, Staff Writer

LEGOs: the plastic bricks many of us fell in love with as children are still dear to some today. This rings true for sophomore Keegan Murray, who has a LEGO collection of over 100 sets. 

“My brother has been the main collector of LEGOs. He’s been collecting them for maybe 10 years now. it’s been a while but that got me into the LEGO games,” Murray said. “I played [with] LEGO Batman and Star Wars.”

His brother still bonds with him over LEGOs as they both like to relax, listen to music, and build together. 

“We’re both getting LEGOs. We’re both sitting there building different sets [and] we make jokes back and forth.” Murray said,

LEGOs are Murray’s creative outlet, and he reminds others to find theirs, no matter what it may be. 

“Who thought building blocks could be such an important part of someone’s life, you know?” Murray said. “That’s the key to life — finding that little thing that you love. It’s so integral to find that outlet in your life that helps you get through your days.”