Breaking Through to Those In Need

Sophomore holds donation drive at BV

Rhylan Stern, Staff Writer

Over the span of April 13 to the 23, sophomore Andrew Corporon held an Operation Breakthrough donation drive for BV students to contribute necessities. 

“I first got involved due to my cousin’s eagle project after the 2014 Jewish community center shooting. I really buckled down and started helping them around November when I had the idea for the food drive,” Corporon said. “The operation started as a way to help kids in the inner city, living on less than 2000 dollars a month, get viable and good after-school care.”

For Corporon to go through with his idea, he needed a location and some help to put together the drive.

“Student Council played a huge role in helping me get the drive of its feet — [the students] at BV are very kind,” Corporon said. “A lot of them [are] always looking to help in any way possible, so I knew that’s where I wanted [to hold the donation drive.]”

While there are multiple ways to help Operation Breakthrough, Corporon wants to further his contributions and encourages others to do the same.

“I am trying to get involved as best I can in other ways, but for now, what I can do is give support through the donation drive,” Corporon said. “Operation Breakthrough accepts cash donations, all clothing and food donations to their pantry [and] you can also volunteer.”

The drive ended on April 23, but Corporon hopes it can recur annually.

“I absolutely want to hold this drive again next year around the same time, but I want to make the scale of the drive even bigger than it was this year,” Corporon said. “This is the first year I’ve done it, but it’s definitely not the last. I plan on doing this throughout my senior year [and] potentially involving other blue valley schools.”


To help children in poverty and their families, contribute any donations from financial support to donating items, or sign up to volunteer at the following links: