Humans of BV: Aidan Walworth

Amy Collins, Staff Writer

Junior Aidan Walworth works at a dog daycare called Pawz at Play. People drop their dogs off and Walworth and his co-workers look after the dogs.  

“We do pretty much everything that has to do with taking care of the dogs,”  he said. 

Walworth recognizes that with his job comes many responsibilities.  

“We got to feed the dogs, make sure they’re not fighting and clean up poop and food,” Walworth said. “Sometimes dogs will have seizures and they’ll have medical reports that we’ll have to report. Some dogs need medicine.”

Walworth usually works three to four times a week, but his hours vary, especially around the holidays. 

“I’ll generally work more over [the] holidays because I’m needed more [as] people drop off the dogs for Christmas or Thanksgiving,” he said. 

While his job can be challenging at times, Walworth really enjoys it. 

“It’s a nice place to work,” Walworth said. “I’m getting paid to play around with dogs and I think that’s a steal of a job.’