Seniors Reflect

What has doing your activity taught you?

Sofia Hughes, Staff Writer

Grace Billman

The arts

“Problem solving. It helped me advance my creative image [by] learning new techniques and trying different things to find who I am as an artist.”






Reece Dickerson


“The simple answer is how to sing, but it’s taught me how to take opportunities and not let them slip by.”





Becca O’Brien


“It’s helped me put myself out there more and build my confidence in interacting with other people and learning about others around me.” 

“It’s also helped me identify what I want to do in life – I really enjoy doing design, and through yearbook, I’ve been able to expand on design skills on a more technical level and explore artistic liberties as an editor.”

Michael Solomon


“It helped me open up as a person, I got comfortable with everybody, and I kind of showed my weird side a little bit. [It] helped me fit in with the school. I definitely say it taught me to be more grateful for what I have.”











Krishi Vanamamaly

Speech and Debate

“Initially I was more of a reserved person, but [in] being able to do debate, I had a voice where I was able to impact others. [For] new incoming freshmen that were shy about debate or didn’t know how it worked, I was able to be a leader and allow them to get on the debate stage without feeling a sense of fear.”


Ariana Siddique


“I learned we all have our good and bad days, and to overcome that, you have to support each other and help each other improve.”





Libby Hawks


“Playing softball for BV has taught me to be a better teammate. Coach Stock really prioritizes being a positive and supportive teammate, and that’s something I used to overlook as a player. I am a really competitive person, and I used to get caught up with that. Once I started playing for BV, I was able to learn to better encourage my teammates, even on bad days.”