Mending Passions with Plans

Senior spends Summer exploring new realms


Ayesha Khan, Editor in Chief

Summer often provides an optimal time to discover or expand on passions and interests. Senior Christina Stone will be spending her time this summer experimenting with new artistic fields and traveling.
Stone, who is not entirely sure of what her future will entail, has always felt drawn to the arts and is using this summer to explore how her passions fit with her career goals.
“I feel like I’m a creative person, and I think I get antsy when things stay the same too often so I always need to have some kind of hands-on work that’s innovative and creative,” Stone said.
To satisfy her artistic desires, Stone will be taking art classes and traveling to sell her creations.
“I signed up for a sculpture class at JCCC with a friend and that’s going to be super fun,” she said. “We are planning on doing some Renaissance Festival traveling so in a bit, we’ll be going to Texas and Oklahoma and maybe Washington — we’ll see what happens. We’re trying to start up our own little business there with metalsmithing stuff that I learned.”
In addition to metalsmithing, Stone has other creative genres she would like to explore more thoroughly this summer.
“Chain making is very tedious, but also very fun, so definitely chain making which will be in our business. ” Stone said. “After taking Drawing II with Mosier, I also really want to expand on my observation skills and drawing ability, so I’m planning on trying to do my own little projects.”
Although Stone is not sure if a university is a right fit for her, she was awarded the Presidential Scholar Award at Johnson County Community College which will provide her with a full ride for the next two years.
“I was [thinking about taking] a gap year because I’m not sure about college and everything I want to do,” Stone said. “I can’t see myself at a nine-to-five every day hating what I do, so I need to figure out what it is I love doing now.”
Nevertheless, Stone is comfortable with the uncertainty to accompanies her future.
“ I’m just going to see where life takes me,” she said. “If I end up changing my mind, then I’m okay with that too.”