Summer Sports & Spirit

Students give summer update on sports and activities heading into fall season

Charley Thomas, Editor in Chief


Avery Delong, 12

“Every summer we do our week-long camp, and then after club nationals we do open gyms every Tuesday and Thursday. Most other schools lift and condition over the summer, but our coach knows that we already do so much with club volleyball, so he doesn’t add more stuff on because it could lead to injury.”

“For us, summer is really just getting used to working with people you haven’t worked with in a year. A huge part of volleyball people don’t realize is chemistry and working with each other.”

“Expect a lot of excitement and entertainment from the volleyball team this season. We are finally where we need to be to compete for a state title again.”


Trevor Brush, 12

“We did an overnight camp at Pitt State, had two 7 on 7 tournaments, had practices for just over a month, and lifted every Monday through Friday in the mornings.”

“Because we have so many new starters this year, this summer has really helped us figure out how we play as a team and what our strengths and weaknesses are.”

“The bonds you make with your teammates and the lifelong friendships we make being with each other almost everyday by pushing each other to get better are my favorite part.”

“We hope that the fans and student section can bring as much energy and excitement as possible to each game and make it a really fun and positive environment all around. ”


Audrey Che, 12

“Dance has a couple camps in July — one at Blue Valley and one in Lawrence. For the one at the school, we do a lot of team bonding and learn new choreography.”

“Summer is preparing the team for fall by prepping us for football sidelines and teaching the new team members about how football games work.”


Mary Kate Arnett, 12

“The most difficult part of summer has been perfecting our camp material to show up and show out to other teams at summer camp in June. We look forward to this camp every year because we get to represent Blue Valley to teams across the state and learn new skills from professionals.”

“Our team has dedicated a lot of practice time to ensure we represent our school’s spirit atgames. We’re hoping our student section can help us this year with chants and energy to show the other schools what BV’s school spirit is all about.”

Boys Soccer

Nolan Schmidt, 12

“We had our summer camp, a summer tournament at Aquinas in July, and kick-arounds three times a week as we got closer to school.”

“I believe these kick-arounds are helping the team bond together and gain chemistry. It’s especially important for freshmen and underclassmen to be introduced to the program.”

“The school can expect the soccer team to be fit and ready to go in the first game of the season against Blue Valley West because we put in the time all summer.”

“I’m looking forward to being able to lead the team as a captain next year and being a good role model to the underclassmen.”

Cross Country

Courtney Busta, 12

“Cross country had daily summer runs at 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Fridays, the practices were senior-led without coaches, and they included team bonding afterwards by playing different games each week.”

“Mileage could be anywhere from between 3-10 miles.”

“Summer runs are a lot of fun. You get to spend a lot of time with your teammates and get to know them better heading into the season. A lot of the girls have become very close friends even outside of the sport, and I’m very glad to have those friendships because of cross country.”