Welcome to the Stage…Grems!

Students start their own alternative-pop band


Katie Kennedy, Design Editor

High schoolers love many things, but music and friends might be the top two most cared for, but that’s not a hard assumption to make. Sophomore Jay Jarvis decided to create a band with her friends Deni Bowden, Rin Mahoney, Abby Bowden, and Miles Gelmen.

“[Our band’s] name is Grems. The origin from that is that we were hanging out, and I’m dyslexic and I thought germs [was] a good name, and [when I was writing it,] I spelled germs wrong—Then that’s how Grems came [to be].”

Everything you do has to start as an idea, and that doesn’t disclude Grems and how it began.

“The idea came from us wanting to create and hang out at the same time together,” Jarvis said, “We’ve done collaborative art together, but wanted to do something bigger, on a larger scale.” 

Creating something like a band is a huge commitment, and forming a band is a tough task, but they are excited that their small dream is turning into a reality.

“We were thinking about it [in the] summer of eighth grade, and then we left it alone,” Jarvis said, “Freshman year, we started it up again, and then summer of sophomore year, we wrote a song and started producing it”

As well, it’s known that ‘practice makes perfect’ and Grems decided to try and master their technique before school began.

“Over the summer, we normally would practice once a week, we tried to call [often] and Miles would be working on the song on the side,” Jarvis said.

One of the most important parts of a band is the instruments. Though some bands may struggle with getting musicians, Grems had no problem at all. 

“[Jay Jarvis is the] lead singer, Deni Bowden is bass, Ren Mahoney is guitar, Abby Bowden is keyboard and then Miles Gelmen is our producer, singer, just [almost] every instrument,” Jarvis said, 

Along with musicians, you need a lyricist to come up with soon-to-be radio hits. 

“I write songs daily and I try to produce them—Personally I’ve made probably three albums,” Jarvis said, “But the band only has one song right now.”

A band normally has some form of a manager or someone who doesn’t play or perform within it, but Grems doesn’t need that.

“We don’t have a manager per se, but it’s kind of me.” She said, “ I write the songs but I also lead and mentor people in the band.”

A band seems like a lot of responsibility, but Grems seems to make it work.

“We all love playing and listening to music, So it seemed like the right thing for us,” Jarvis said, “We’re a ton of goofballs—We like playing music and you should check out our new song when we produce