Spring Getaway

Junior plans vacation to florida over spring break


Spring Break is a time for relaxing, vacationing and catching up on all the things you can’t do during the school year. Every year, junior Mya Turner takes a trip to Englewood, Florida to do just those things. 

“We are going for all of spring break,” Turner said. “We’re staying in an Airbnb, a really big beach house and a lot of my [extended] family’s going, there’s probably 10 of us. It has a pool with a very nice view of the beach right next to it.”

Turner likes to visit to see her step mom, but she also enjoys the environment. 

“There’s a lot of little shops and it’s more of a small town,” Turner said. “Usually when people go to Florida, everyone’s there for the beach and it’s totally full — but where I’m going it’s more of a private and small town with lots of people that have lived there for their whole lives.” 

Englewood is located close to Manasota Key. 

“I really enjoy going on boat rides to see all the sea animals, especially the dolphins and manatees,” Turner said. 

It’s nice to get out of Overland Park and take on new adventures when you have the chance. For Turner, this trip lets her unwind and enjoy time away from her hometown. 

“It’s a trip I really look forward to every year since it’s so much different from here,” Turner said. “It’s nice to get away to a place not as many people go to.”