Totally Taken by Music

Senior partakes in band, plans to continue music in future


Music is and always will be integrated into the lives of numerous students, whether it’s within the noisy yet mellifluous 700 hallway or beyond the borders of our school. This includes senior Zane Burton, who is part of an indie rock band with four other members.

“I play guitar in a band at Music House,” Burton said. “Currently, our band name is Totally Taken.”

Music House is an organization that helps people in the community learn different instruments. Furthermore, it contains a program where students can form a band with weekly rehearsals, instructors and performances. 

“[The band members] are just assigned together,” he said. “Music House puts people in our band. If it works out, it works out. Otherwise, they’ll leave the band.”

This unique process has allowed him to create connections and friendships with people he wouldn’t have met if not for the program.

“Most of [my band members] go to different schools — one of them is from Southwest and then someone’s from Independence, Missouri,” Burton said. “They kind of come from far away, but they’re all cool people.”

Settling on the band name Totally Taken wasn’t a very challenging decision for the members because of Burton’s preference for literary devices.

“I really like alliterations, so I shouted it out,” Burton said. “We just went with it.”

Though producing music with a band is incredibly difficult, due to a plethora of factors including group chemistry and persistence, it’s still Burton’s favorite part.

“Back in 2020, we got together at my house once and we did a cover of ‘Everlong’ [by Foo Fighters] in my basement, and it turned out really good,” he said. “That was one of the first times we ever did that — it was really fun.”

Aside from Totally Taken, Burton has separately been a part of Music House where he’s learned how to play multiple instruments over the past 10 years.

“[I’ve played] guitar for about seven years and piano for three years,” he said. “I make music by myself on the side with a bunch of different genres. I make some EDM, and I make the originals for my band. I create my own indie music, too.”

Following his interest, Burton is set on playing his instruments during college also.

“I definitely plan on continuing making music in the future,” Burton said. “Hopefully I can start a band when I go off to Manhattan, but we’ll see.”

His passion for music has only grown since he started, making music a huge part of Burton’s life.

“Music is just my way to express myself,” Burton said. “It’s my hobby, and I love it.”