Fired Up: A Sneak Peek into Year Three

junior gives insight into next year’s hype films


Ava McGuire, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to an end, some have noticed an absence in the school-wide cheer felt when Junior Noah Johnson would release his hype videos. 

Johnson remarked that while he cherishes appreciation for his work, he is choosing to focus on producing content high in quality versus quantity. 

“There’s definitely been a void, so I think once I start bringing back that feeling and with Friday Night Lights, that same energy, hopefully, will return,” Johnson said.

Looking forward to continuing his craft into the next school year, Johnson is making an effort to widen his horizons in both content creation and narration.

‘I’m wanting to switch to more narrative-focused videos instead of just going to events without a plan — there’s going to be more cinematic and creative stuff,” Johnson said. “I’m going to try to reach out from sports, hopefully, get involved with the creative arts programs and different events going on in the school.”

Johnson’s goals also extend to creating a memorable senior video, this being one of many contributions to his own graduating class.

With an increase in funding and equipment, Tiger TV has allowed Johnson to immerse himself in new technologies he had not previously had access.

Although Jonson will be working on a plethora of projects for Blue Valley’s broadcast program, he isn’t planning on straying from his original passions.

“The majority of the work that I do to support the school is through my business. For a lot of my passion projects next year I envision I’m going to do it for free just for the benefit of my portfolio and experimenting on stuff.” Johnson said.

Just as Johnson picked up the legacy of hype videos left behind by the class of 2022, he is taking steps to ensure that the underclassmen carry on his legacy.

“I’ve worked a little bit with some students in Tiger TV and out of Tiger TV, and teaching them some skills, but I’m hoping to really focus in on just one or two individuals,” Johnson said. “Hopefully they can continue on the tradition to the same quality.”

Johnson’s final words for the 2023 school year: 

“Stay tuned”