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Graduates Just Wanna Have Fun

Seniors plan for future at party schools
Graduates Just Wanna Have Fun

When people decide which college they attend, they go through a myriad of factors that could sway their decision. Whether it’s Greek life, dorm rooms, dining halls, majors, clubs or the campus itself, a senior will look through every possible aspect of a school before choosing it.

One detail sometimes overlooked is the party culture at a school. Seniors Sammy Robertson and Claire Hannasch both have to navigate life with partying being a huge part of the schools of their choice.

“There’s definitely a party culture [at Tulane],” Robertson said. “It’s also a very tight-knit community that makes it adapt a lot to the broader New Orleans culture. I’m really excited for Crawfest and Mardi Gras.”

Though partying is a huge factor at Tulane University, it wasn’t a major part of Robertson’s decision.

“It honestly makes me pretty nervous that it’ll be too much going into it,” Robertson said. “My biggest fear is definitely being overwhelmed. I’m scared that it’s going to be a lot all the time, but I feel like it’s going to be fun.”

Hannasch, on the other hand, did consider the party life at Clemson University before finalizing her decision to go there.

“I’d rather go to a party school than a super prestigious boarding school,” Hannasch said. “They know how to have fun but also maintain their prestige in academics.”

It is important to balance many new things in college, and Robertson and Hannasch said they will need to find a way to establish a stable balance between the party culture and other aspects of life at university.

“I really want to focus on academics,” Robertson said. “Tulane has such good academics that I think it’d be bad not to, but I really also want to have fun and have that social aspect. I want to try to do 50/50.”

In order to maneuver through the culture and be able to prioritize education, Robertson will enter Tulane with a strategy.

“By just focusing on my studies and being around people that will encourage me to do well in school as well as have fun [I can maintain this balance],” Robertson said.

When preparing to navigate the party culture at their respective schools, Robertson has a plan.

“[I want to] just have a close-knit friend group,” Robertson said, “And joining things that aren’t as involved in the party culture, so I have a little bit of both.”

Conversely, Hannasch has a simpler idea.

“Wing it,” she said.

About the Contributor
Colton Fieger
Colton Fieger, Staff Writer
Colton Fieger is a junior and a staff writer. It is his first year and he is excited to be a part of the staff for the year. He is a member of the speech and debate team, an officer for Sources of Strength, and the treasurer of the drama club. Outside of school, he enjoys hanging out with friends and driving around while listening to music.