Band to perform rock 'n' roll style show, joined by cheerleaders

This year’s halftime show is deviating from its normal pattern. Instead of having a traditional halftime show, this one is rock ‘n’ roll themed. 

“It’s breaking from tradition and doing something the students will enjoy,” band director Avian Bear said. 

The show will feature songs from rock ‘n’ roll bands like ACDC, Santana and Styx. 

In past years, the marching band has done their performance for competitions during halftime. This show will instead be displayed at the end of a couple football games each month. Spectators at football games can then choose to stay and watch their competitive show or leave. 

For the first time cheerleaders will participate in the halftime show with the drill team and the band.  The drill team will dance in the first song, Back in Black by ACDC, and the last song, Mr. Roboto by Styx. 

The cheerleaders will dance during the second song, Evil Ways by Santana. 

The band started practicing at the end of July for the new display, usually for eight hours a day. 

Once school started, they began to have practice in the mornings and after school. 

Now that marching season is beginning, Bear has high hopes for this year’s band.

“I hope it goes over big,” she said. “I know the students will enjoy the music, the cheerleaders and drill team are enjoying it. It will be a win all the way around.”

By Haley Schroer