Relay for Life committee chairs announced

The 2010 Relay for Life committee chairs and members have been announced. Also, the tentative date for Captain Kick-off has been set for Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 3:00 after school.

The Survivors committee is headed by Kaitlyn Lotz with members Meera Chakravarthy and Aziza Moolla, Hannah Ernst. 

Food is headed by Jenny Yu with members Raven Brower and Ria Halder.  

Sponsorship is headed by Sarah Moore with members Courtney Ramirez and Katie Azeltine. 

Publicity is headed by Jenn Timmons with members Evelyn Davis, Molly Debusk and Jon Hayward.

The Activities committee is headed by Tyler Kalmus with members Francisco Ramos, Alyssa Luker, Melissa Illies, Ashley Tiefel and Bella Brooks.  

Accounting is headed by Anna Perincherry with members Dani Bohde, Khadija Shirhindi, Christine Perincherry and Allen Zhu.  

Mission is headed by Sarah Clancey with members Caitlin Holland, Ally Francis and Jessica McCrary.  

Recruitment is headed by Johnathon Davis with members Kevin Hansen, Riley Siemers, Howard Grimberg and Andrew Fraiser. 

Logistics is headed by Alex Dean with members Erin Moylan, Rachel Mendez, Mai Bonomo and Emily Li.  

Luminaria is headed by Yanjie Yu with members Kaitlin Long, Katie Louis and Kelly Urso.