Kansas driving law altered, new age for unrestricted license determined

A new Kansas driving law will go into effect in 2010.
According to the Kansas Department of Revenue, the new law says that teens must be 17 to get their unrestricted license and they must be 15 to get their restricted permit.
The restricted permit allows the teenager to drive to work, school and home alone.
When students turn 16 the restricted permit allows them to drive anywhere from 5 a.m.-9 p.m. without a parent or guardian.
Any students found driving past this curfew will be ticketed by law enforcement officials.
If students have their instructional permit before December 2009, the new law will not apply to them.
Sophomore Sydney Lenz is not concerned about the change in driving age, though.
“I really don’t care, and I wont ask my friends for rides either,” she said.
The same laws still apply when getting a license.
Teens can take a driver’s education class or take the state driving test at a Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles location.
Sophomore Thamara Subramanian took driver’s education to avoid taking the state test.
“You don’t have to take the test you just walk in with your golden ticket and they give you your license,” she said.
More information about state driving laws can be found at www.ksrevenue.org/vehicle.htm.

By Carlee Ray