Senior earns perfect score on ACT, attributes success to BV teachers, family

verage composite score for high school students nationwide is a 21.1.
Although this may be the average, senior Johnathon Davis has risen above the average to perfection, receiving a score of 36 on his ACT.
Unlike some students, he did not take an ACT prep course.
But his work ethic throughout high school and completing an ACT practice book, led to his success.
“I’ve worked really hard in high school,” Davis said. “So that carried over to my ACT. I prepared a lot, but it’s not like I have spent my entire life on it.”
Davis enjoys science and math classes the most.
He has appreciated the help and encouragement of math teacher Adam Wade and chemistry teacher Charlena Sieve.
Sieve said Davis is always prepared and does everything on time. She added he is a very responsible student and is also an overall great person.
“He’s a real class act,” Sieve said. “He is a very humble person. He is comfortable with himself and nice to everyone. I have never seen him be rude or out of line with anyone.”
Along with the teachers, Davis’ family has also pushed and motivated him to succeed.
“They encouraged me to practice but they didn’t force me,” he said. “They didn’t necessarily say ‘If you don’t get a 36 on your ACT, we won’t feed you for a week.’”
His family has been extremely proud of him, including his score on the ACT.
“My brother climbed that ladder of success and rang that shiny bell at the top of the ladder and proclaimed to the world ‘I got a 36 on the ACT’,” sophomore Evelyn Davis said of her brother’s success. “Proud just doesn’t even cover it.”
Davis said some of his family and teachers may not have fully believed his success but that was not the case with Sieve.
“That didn’t surprise me, he’s highly capable,” Sieve said. “He’s not just gifted, he has a great work ethic.” by Jane Webb.