Testing finds unsafe chemicals in common makeup products

It’s a standard part of many girls’ morning routine. But according to recent research, there may be more in your Maybelline than you bargained for.
In a 2007 Campaign for Safe Cosmetics study, 33 popular brands of lipsticks were tested for carcinogens. Of those 33, 61% contained amounts of lead that surpassed the Food and Drug Adminitration’s set limit for candy. Because the FDA does not set standards for lipsticks, the study had to use candy as a measurement.
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports that in a 2009 follow-up study done by the FDA, the amount of lead discovered in lipstick was four time higher than what was originally discovered in the initial study.

Facial products:
Some lip balms, foundations, lotions and shampoos produced by Almay, Neutrogena and others contain either known or probable carcinogens, as ruled by the government.

Hair dye:
71 hair dye products contain carcinogenic coal tar derivatives, including hair dyes from Clairol, Loreal and Revlon. The FDA has advised reducing exposure to carcinogenic coal tar, to “reduce the risk of cancer.”