After 25 years as BV head coach, Steve Rampy accepts Pittsburg State job

Head football Coach Steve Rampy announced today that he will not return to coach and teach at Blue Valley next semester. Instead, he will be the offensive coordinator at Pittsburg State University next year.
Rampy completed 25 years as the team’s head coach, and was an assistant coach for four years prior.
“I’m very excited for Coach Rampy,” Athletic Director Bob Whitehead said. “I’ve worked with him for a long time, and I’m sad to see him leave. I have mixed emotions.”
Whitehead said he believes Rampy will be successful in his new position because he can recruit the Kansas City area well and has experience running a spread offense.
“He could pick up the phone and call a hundred coaches right now,” Whitehead said. “He’s a good recruiter.”
He added that despite the big change for the football team, preparation for next season will continue as scheduled.
“On January 5 we are going to be doing weights,” Whitehead said. “Our goal is to win the state championship. That won’t change.”
The school district and Principal Scott Bacon have not yet determined who will fill Rampy’s position as a teacher next semester.

by Caitlin Holland