Bill bans texting and calling for young drivers

The state of Kansas awaits approval of a new bill, with the goal to eliminate the distraction of all drivers.

The bill, Kansas House Bill 2132, prohibits text messages while a driver, of any age, is operating a motor vehicle.

Any driver who ignores the new bill by reading, writing or sending text messages can be pulled over by law enforcement and be penalized with fines around $60.

This bill has not yet been passed through the legislative process and still has a possibility of revisions or failure.

As of Jan. 1, the state of Kansas bans all drivers with instructional permits, farm permits or restricted licenses from using cell phones while driving. This includes talking on your phone.

Officer Dennis Randall plans to watch students as they enter and leave the school parking lot to see if students have their phones put away. 

“This law will definitely help out students,” Randall said. “Having their phones put away will decrease accidents and mishaps on the roadways.”

Randall witnesses texting as a problem while out on the roads, but not just from teens.

“As an adult, not just a police officer, I see kids and even adults on their cell phones while driving,” Randall said. “Teens are more in the picture when it comes to restrictions on phones because of the number of accidents that are caused by using them.”

While driving, Blue Valley West sophomore Kaitlin Neiger, looked down at her phone for a few moments and rear-ended the car in front of her. 

Traveling down Metcalf Avenue at 45 mph, Neiger took her eyes off the road to text her mom. Looking up, Neiger realized the car in front of her was only few feet away. She slammed on her brakes, hitting the car. Neiger totaled her sister’s car and received a ticket for $130. 

“If someone needs to text when driving, just simply pull over,” Neiger said. “It’s not worth it.”

by Jordan Huesers