SW senior class size increases

Caitlin Holland, News Editor


Blue Valley Southwest’s senior enrollment doubled from the original Jan. 6 deadline to late April. 

There were 87 seniors enrolled when the Tiger Print went to press, May 3. 

BVSW principal Scott Roberts is pleased with the rise in seniors committed to the new school next year. 

“I anticipated a larger number of students transferring, but I didn’t think it would be seniors,” he said. “It was a pleasant surprise.”

Roberts said BVSW will continue to accept transfers through the summer. 

To transfer to BVSW, students need to go to the Southwest page of the district website to get a transfer form. 

Roberts also expects some new students from families moving into the area. He said BVSW is especially appealing to students who are new to the district.

“A lot of new students who are moving to this area are choosing to go to Southwest,” he said. “At Southwest, everybody’s new.”

Junior Katie Gliesman decided to attend BVSW next year because many of her friends already made the switch. 

“A lot of my friends are already going, and it’s just a new environment,” Gliesman said. 

Roberts said he heard many students are transferring now because their friends enrolled earlier, and because there are chances for new traditions to be started. 

“Everything is on the ground floor,” he said. “There’s opportunities for leadership here.”

Roberts said the district has a set plan to staff the school for a specific number of students, but if enrollment exceeds that number, more staff will be added. 

He also makes an effort to conference with next year’s seniors, even those outside the Student Advisory Board.

“I hope to meet with every single junior before school starts,” he said.

Gliesman said she thinks Roberts reaching out to meet with seniors shows that the school will be unified next year, despite the current rivalries between students. 

“It’s cool that they’re trying to get us close together,” she said. 

Gliesman said originally the small class size was something she was concerned about, but worries less as senior enrollment increases. 

“At first it kind of freaked me out,” she said. “I think it will be better. We will all be really close  for senior year.”