Tonight’s NAHS induction recognizes talent

Haley Schroer, Staff Writer

The National Art Honor Society inducts new members today at 5:30 p.m. in the fixed forum. NAHS will induct 16 or 17 new members. Sponser Mark Mosier says the induction is meant to recognize excellence. 

“It recognizes achievements in visual arts,” Mosier said. “It promotes art from the students’ perspectives.” 

The ceremony will be similar to those of other honors societies at Blue Valley.

“There will be the normal protocol of the ceremony,” Mosier said. “They light the candle and talk about the principles of design. There will be a guest speaker and a display area for each inductee.” 

Because most inductees to NAHS are second-semester seniors, it does not have any formal requirements to retain membership. However, all graduating members of NAHS will wear a chord with the primary colors and the secondary colors at the graduation ceremony.