FCCLA members to attend Take Aim Conference

Jordan Huesers, Features/Entertainment Editor

Members of the new Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club plan to attend the Take Aim Conference this weekend in Salina, Kan.
Juniors Asa Fowler, Hannah Skidmore, Whitney Hare, Kenzie Botts and Sloane Sandmoen will represent BV at the conference. While there they will learn what it takes to start a successful new club.
“We are going to meet with other schools in the area that have FCCLA and brainstorm how to bring people into the club,” Fowler said. “We want to see the different types of community service the other schools have done to see if we would be interested in doing the same thing.” Folwer hopes to get meetings started in about two weeks and get as many students involved as possible.
“I hope it will bring new chances for kids to get involved in community service which will benefit the less fortunate,” Fowler said.