Relay for Life to be held at BVW

Stephen Karst, Staff Writer

The American Cancer Society (ACS) hosts an annual event called Relay for Life that BV has participated in and helped organize for several years. This year, however, BV will be combining forces with Blue Valley West.
The reason for the slight change is due to budget shortage. Both school committees decided it was better to co-run  the event and split costs, allowing more money to be donated to ACS.
“The recession is causing costs to go up and that includes the cost of renting out our own gym,” senior chairman Ryan Jaspal said. “It is a little crazy but I like the districts idea to combine the relay amongst schools to lower the amount we need to run it.”
Even though there have been changes in management and organization, no real change should be noticed in the relay for participants.
“The only real change is in the planning, each school has its own siloh [committee], and we run those ourselves, then once a month we meet with a staff member [from ACS] and West’s people and talk about finances and things like that,” Jaspal said. “But it is still the same thing we do every year, most people wont notice anything is different.”
The Relay for Life team encourages participation and involvement this spring.
Have stories about yourself, friend, or family member who has been helped through this event?
Contact Mr. Wade in room 216.