New club focuses on community

Annie Matheis, News editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a new service organization at BV that focuses on assisting the community. Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Donna DeHart started FCCLA at BV due to the FACS curriculum migrating towards career pathways.
“It was always part of a class, and it was always really good,” DeHart said. “As career pathways change, so do the activities in the class. But when it was part of a class, it was hard to have it across the whole student body.”
DeHart said she likes how FCCLA focuses on the family because she believes family is the core of American society.
“I try to tell students to remember it because you think of the priorities in your life that you want to line up so you can be successful,” DeHart said. “Family is usually first, and then your career and then your community.”
Two branches form FCCLA: community service and leadership development. FCCLA also participates in competitions called Star Events, where a student develops a portfolio and competes in an ongoing project.
“I think it gives students the opportunity to grow in lots of different ways,” DeHart said. “They learn to work with people that aren’t from this school district, which is a good experience.”
Co-president junior Hannah Skidmore said she likes that FCCLA is so involved around the school and community.
“If you want to get involved, I strongly recommend it,” Skidmore said. “There are so many people that want to get involved but they don’t know how. FCCLA helps out with great organizations that help so many people around the community.”
FCCLA plans to take part in many different community service projects, such as helping at Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Mercy and Hope House. Members also plan to make quilts for the homeless.
Skidmore and co-president junior Asa Fowler have a large say in what community service projects the group will do.
DeHart said she believes FCCLA has the ability to appeal to all.
“Somehow it gets to be known as only a female organization, but it is not,” DeHart said. “Almost half of the national officers are male.”
DeHart said she believes FCCLA will grow in popularity as more students become involved and it starts to gain a reputation.
“It is an organization that kids aren’t sure what it is yet, but I have a real vision of what it is,” DeHart said. “But [students] have to see and experience it for themselves.”