BIONIC club promotes drug-free life

Sara Naatz, Managing Editor

Fifteen kindergarten students sat huddled up on a blue and red rug, staring with big eyes at four BV students.

The elementary school students listened intently as the Believe It Or Not I Care (BIONIC) club members, sporting their bright orange shirts, told them the story of Red Ribbon Week.

The book, The Red Ribbon: A Story of Hope, explained how the ribbon had once saved a kingdom in a far off land, instilling hope in the hearts of all the people.

Now, the red ribbon represents a symbol to students against the use of drugs and alcohol.

During the last two weeks of October, the BIONIC Club visited all BVHS feeder elementary schools to promote this message.

“It’s to provide awareness about drug and alcohol use starting at a younger age,” club president senior Maria Cobb said.

The members of the BIONIC club act as role models for the elementary school students.

“We’re trying to teach them that not everyone does it,” BIONIC Club member freshman Kylee Bliss said. “[Red Ribbon Week] is to teach kids that drugs are bad and that they can lead a better life without them.”

After reading the story, each student also received a ghost to color. The theme for this year, “Say Boo to Drugs,” inspired the activity.

“My favorite part was coloring the ghost,” second grade student Ella Peters said. “It was to tell us to not do drugs.”

Cobb said the elementary students had a very positive reaction to the activities, and the teachers also enjoyed it.

“We got so many e-mails back about how they loved it this year,” Cobb said. “They want us to do it again next year.”

Bliss said BIONIC club members intend to spread the word about the drug-free lifestyle to their peers.

“It’s a really good thing,” she said. “We’re trying to be a good influence on the community and tell kids they can lead a lot better lives without using drugs.”

Cobb said Red Ribbon Week emphasizes everything the BIONIC club stands for.

“We’re spreading the word to not only our school but also the community around us,” she said. “I personally think it’s a great opportunity for high school kids to interact with elementary school kids. Red Ribbon Week is what BIONIC Club is all about.”