Library station promotes group projects

Jaida Anderlik, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, the library Collaboration Station opened up.

Students can reserve it a week in advance to work on projects.

The work station was created specifically for large groups to work together on assignments.

School librarian Ken Stewart supported the idea of the Collaboration Station.

“I wanted something for students to use to get together and work on projects on as a group,” Stewart said. “I wanted it to promote something deeper than just each person doing a page and then e-mailing it to each other to put it together.”

Stewart said a hidden facet of the Collaboration Station is the table it sits on. It was made to be handicap friendly.

“I noticed that when somebody is in a wheelchair or using crutches, they are always in the back, left out,” he said.

Senior Kendall Brewer said she appreciates the reasons for the station.

“It lets people all input ideas instead of just one person logging on and ending up doing all the work, while others kind of suggest things but don’t really help,” Brewer said.

Stewart said he is overjoyed when he sees students putting the workspace to good use.

“When I heard all the students yelling out their peer edits and the discussion about the word choice and grammar, I was floored,” he said.

Once Stewart received approval from Principal Scott Bacon, he applied to the BV Education Foundation for funds. The station cost approximately $3,200.

Brewer said she has never seen the station used by students before.

“It could be worth the money eventually,” she said. “But right now — with it not being used much — I don’t think it’s worth it.”

However, Stewart said he sees students working at the station mainly during school.

He said students use it most often right before papers and projects are due.

“My favorite thing about the station is the discussion I hear from students who don’t normally talk during group projects, they just e-mail,” he said. “I am blown away by the conversations I hear from them.”