RFL team captains meeting scheduled for Feb. 2

Annie Matheis, News editor

A Relay for Life meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 2 for all of the team captains.
Relay for Life sponsor Adam Wade said this meeting will be focus on specific fundraising details. They will also discuss how the night of RFL will work.
“We don’t have a chance to communicate with the captains very often,” Wade said. “This gives us an opportunity to bring everybody together and give them one final, motivated push to meet their teams’ goals.”
The meeting will last from 15-20 minutes.
The final meeting will be Bank Night on Feb. 16, and this will be when all the funds will be due.
Relay for Life will start at 7 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 4, and it will last until 7 a.m on Saturday, Mar. 5.