Jewish club promotes spread of religious knowledge

Jordan McEntee, Design Editor

The new Jewish Student Union met for the first time on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Senior Mai Bonomo came up with the idea to start the group with hopes of encouraging students to learn about different cultures.

“I wanted to start this club because I felt like it was important to spread diversity into our school,” Bonomo said. “We have a lot of clubs supporting diversity, but there is a very small Jewish population, so I think it’s important for us to learn the culture.”

Bonomo said the new club isn’t exactly sure of activities yet, but hopes to do some things at school around holidays and have meetings once a month.

“I’m hoping that every time we meet, we’ll have different speakers come and do activities,” she said. “They can just provide extra support to our group and help keep it going.”

Club sponsor Jennifer Balke said the group is not just for students who are Jewish.

“It is open to anyone,” Balke said. “At the first meeting, there were several students there who are not Jewish. We welcome anyone.”

About seven or eight people attended the first meeting and they hope the group will grow as time goes on.

“We kind of started late in the year, but we really just hope for the group to grow,” Bonomo said. “I hope that whoever takes over next year continues it and keeps it going, because I really want it to make a difference.”

Bonomo said she strongly encourages all students to come learn more about the religion.

“People should totally give it a shot,” Bonomo said. “It’s more of a culture club than a religious club. Nothing religious is pushed at anyone. We won’t make them pray or anything. It’s just a lot of fun — hanging out, talking and eating.”