Bomb threat deemed not credible, precautions taken during school day

Caitlin Holland, Editor-in-chief

Thursday morning, Principal Scott Bacon notified students and staff via the overhead system that a bomb threat had been found and deemed not to be a serious threat.
Before school, students brought a suspicious note to Campus Police Officer Dennis Randall who then took it to Bacon. Randall said Bacon notified district office immediately and police officers then searched the building.
“We discussed a game plan and the building was searched thoroughly by [School Resource] Officer [Ken] Braden, myself and other police officers looking for any items that may be of suspicious nature,” Randall said. “At that point, we discussed it, and the powers of district office and Mr. Bacon got together and deemed it not a credible threat.”
Throughout the day, precautions like locking most bathrooms and limiting hallway time were taken, Randall said.
Parents were notified in an e-mail about the threat. Randall said only a few students’ parents decided to check them out of school for the remainder of the day. He said the students and staff reacted calmly to the notification.
“It’s been pretty positive,” he said. “If we thought it was anything credible, we wouldn’t have been in school. We’re not going to do anything that is going to put anybody in danger. Our priority is the safety of the students, staff and the Blue Valley High School community.”