Twitter trend emerges at BV

Sam Brennan, Ads manager

The past couple weeks, BV’s student population has hopped on the Twitter train.

Listen in the hallways and all of the sudden people are yelling ‘Tweet me!’ at their friends.

I’ve been a part of the #Twitterverse for almost a year and I figured that, as a social network, Twitter would never catch on in BV Classic.

There have been students already into Twitter before the craze — students like senior Paige DuBay, who has been Tweeting since her sophomore year. Junior Clinton Webb has a massive following of 1,115 people.

DuBay said Twitter first interested her because she had the option of following celebrities on Twitter. She even began to prefer Twitter over Facebook.

“I feel less creepy on Twitter,” she said. “I love Facebook but there are a lot of different ways to see what people are saying to one another. It is easy to be a Facebook creep. But on Twitter it is just short and sweet; it is just random thoughts.”

Webb said he created a Twitter for one reason — to follow Lady Gaga.

“Lots of Lady Gaga fans are on Twitter,” Webb said. “And we all just follow each other.”

@paigeynicole is following 70 people and has 196 followers.

@HausofClinton is following 1,392 and has 1,115 followers.

DuBay said her favorite person to follow is Vinny Guadagnino from the Jersey Shore.

“He is my favorite celebrity to follow,“ she said. “Everything he says is hilarious.”

Webb said he normally tweets about Lady Gaga or random song lyrics.

With Twitter on the rise, DuBay said she isn’t too crazy about the phenomenon.

“With nobody knowing about Twitter, you could say whatever you wanted,” DuBay said. “Now you have to be careful what you say.”

Webb also said he prefers Twitter to Facebook.

“You can share anything on Twitter,” he said. “You won’t be judged.”

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