Raku Party will continue despite weather

Evelyn Davis, Cartoonist

The Raku Party, hosted by National Art Honor Society, will continue as planned today with a few minor adjustments because of the current weather forecast. The rain and wind predicted makes the firing process outside impossible.
The party will take place from 7-9 p.m. in the Senior Hallway and Ceramics room.  The cost is $5 to enter and an additional $5 for each pot purchased.  Attendees should enter the school through the front entrance.
The event will take place inside with a range of activities in place of watching the firing.
Those who attend will be able to be hennaed, glaze pots that will be fired at a later date, create jewelry, draw on a graffitti wall, eat food and watch Fifth Wall perform.
“The Raku Party will be a hit even though the forecast is not looking good,” senior, NAHS president Kristi Thompson said.  “We will have many activities to keep people entertained.  It’s going to be really exciting.”