StuCo donates to charities

Odi Opole, Web Editor

Student Council recently donated a total of $1,500 to two organizations. Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer received $1,000. Heifer International received $500 to purchase one heifer.

Student body president, senior Matt Hamblin said the money was raised from school dances and community donations.

“These donations were made as gestures of goodwill on the part of BV students,” he said. “We have to give back to the community when we can.”

He said StuCo chose to donate to Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer not only for its message, but because it created a national movement.

He said StuCo chose Heifer International because the organization gives a community tools for a sustainable food source.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” he said. “It’s a cool way for BV students to help people internationally as well as locally.”