Reports of tornados in area, students take shelter

Sara Naatz, Co-editor

BVHS students were ushered to designated safe-zones in the school during fifth hour to take cover from possible tornadoes in the area.
According the the National Weather Service, law enforcement officials spotted a tornado on the ground near 132nd Street and Metcalf Avenue.
The tornado warning was in effect until 12 p.m.
Students and teachers who took cover in the BV fitness center watched the news carefully for updates.
“I’m thinking the tornado is probably not going to hit us, but if it does we’ll be safe,” social studies teacher Matt Beat said. “Most of the kids are pretty calm. They don’t think it’s really going to hit us either, but you never really know.”
The safe-zones in BV include locker rooms, the fitness center and rooms specifically designed to act as tornado shelters.
Sophomore Oksana Litardo was one of the students who took shelter in the fitness center.
“I think they did a really good job of moving us here efficiently and quickly and making us aware this is a real thing,” she said. “They were able to take charge of the situation.”
Junior Ben Thompson, who also took cover in the fitness center, said he felt nervous about family members in danger.
“I’m worried about my mom,” he said. “But the fact that we have large areas that kids can come to in times like this is really good.”