First-ever College Readiness Day will provide learning opportunity for students

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

On Wednesday Oct. 12, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will participate in BV’s first College Readiness Day.
At the beginning of the day, freshmen will take the PLAN test, and sophomores and juniors will take either the PSAT or the practice ACT.
Following this test, the students will learn how to prepare for college and choose the right schools for them.
Guidance counselor Sandy Fryer said College Readiness Day differs from the post-testing schedule of past school years.
“In previous years all we did was the testing part in the morning, then we struggled to do class,” Fryer said. “We had an added problem in past years that sophomores had to take 2 tests and so we had 2 mornings of testing to accommodate the sophomores. Then we have this crazy kind of pieced-together schedule. We feel this is a way to have one day where we do testing and college readiness activities, then return to a normal schedule on Thursday.”
To make College Readiness Day possible, a committee applied for a grant to fund the tests and the afternoon’s events.
“The grant gave us some financial support to structure the entire day for the students,” she said. “Unfortunately we couldn’t pay for the tests for all students, but the district pays for the PLAN, the students pay for the PSAT, and then the grant is paying for the practice ACT.”
After receiving the grant, Fryer and a group of committee members planned the readiness activities.
“Each group is going to have some panels that they’re going to hear and college professors and college students that are going to come talk to them about what it takes to be successful in college, and to get into college,” she said. “We’re going to have them doing some research in terms of colleges, careers, majors and resumes.”
The committee chose these exercises based on a criteria that would help students prepare for their future.
“We got a committee together and brainstormed college readiness activities that would be meaningful for students to do in the afternoon,” Fryer sad. “So each class is going to have a menu of activities that they do that will help them think about college and help them reevaluate their goals.”
However, the entire day will not be based on testing and college.
Everyone will have a 40-minute lunch, with a disc jockey for entertainment.
Freshman Sarah Supple said that college readiness day should help her prepare for college and educate her about it as well.
“It will get me ready for the tests I have to take and [help me] learn more about the colleges because I don’t know anything about college,” she said. “I think it will get me excited for the future.”
Fryer said she and the committee have high expectations for College Readiness Day.
“Our hope is that wherever that student is in terms of their knowledge, their preparation, their thinking, their research, that wherever they are, we can put them through some activities to expand their knowledge,” Fryer said. “Then [we can] encourage them to reevaluate their goals, reevaluate their 4-year plan and make wise choices and better informed choices. Not only what they’re going to do here next year, but also what they might see themselves doing in the future.”